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ESG sustainability



ESG sustainability score attributed to our company Eventi Ticino Sagl.

Our company has been assessed with a category "B" ESG Score

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ESG is the acronym for Environmental (environment), Social (social responsibility)  and Governance (good corporate governance)  and represents companies' implementation of the 17 United Nations goals for the sustainable development of our planet. The Swiss climate law, adopted last June, is also part of this great project.

Thanks to your ESG rating, you are now one of more than 470,000 companies registered in the Swiss commercial register assessed by CRIF according to ESG criteria, and are therefore among the top 33%.

As the largest agency specializing in company valuation in Switzerland, CRIF has the corresponding database and the specific knowledge necessary to carry out this first statistical approximation. From 1 October 2023, our customers will be able to consult the ESG Score.

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