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We are a newly formed chamber music ensemble based in Lugano, born from the passion and resourcefulness of four young academically qualified musicians with great professional experience.


Our goal is to innovate classical performance with dynamic and passionate performances, thus making a musical experience of the highest artistic quality accessible to the greatest number of people.


One of the prerogatives that we do not want to give up is total control of the artistic product for which we are responsible: for this reason, in addition to being performers of songs already written, we arrange and re-adapt songs and melodies specifically for our training.


The long-term goal is to develop a collective of artists that is a point of reference for the cultural panorama and for artistic dissemination.


The aim is to normalize the use of a classical performance even in informal or private contexts. We want to be a hub of innovation and renewal of the event/concert concept through the creation of original productions and innovative artistic collaborations.

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